Curriculum overview:

The PhD Program seeks to train students for research and teaching careers. A graduate of the doctoral program gains the expertise in the area of medical sciences or health sciences and is prepared to work independently in both basic science or clinical research and education. The program is to train students to leave with very specialized skills in one discipline, but also with the ability to understand the conceptual frameworks contributed by researchers from other disciplines.

Doctoral students must meet the high requirements of several program subjects and their chosen specialization. Thus, the general trajectory of doctoral students in the program is based on the coursework tailored to the needs of the students and by the development of a dissertation prospectus as well as dissertation research and writing. The studies also allow a variety of elective courses, which aim is to develop wide professional and teaching skills. Students are obliged to complete the program within 3 years (6 semesters).

The admission may apply to individuals with a master's degree or equivalent courses in various areas of science: medical and health sciences, physical culture sciences, biology and science. Graduates of medical and dental schools must have a current license to practice the profession of a physician or a dentist in Poland (does not apply to candidates without Polish citizenship whose future research will be exclusively conducted in the theoretical units of the Faculty of Medicine). The maximum limit for admission to studies in the academic year 2014/2015 is 12 participants.

The general study program includes subjects such as methodology and interpretation of research results in the field of medical sciences or health sciences, legal and ethical aspects of research together with advanced teaching methods. Elementary courses of clinical psychology, philosophy, sociology and history of medicine are included. A basic course is provided to ensure that students have appropriate information and resources about the use of international intellectual property rights in research. Doctoral students are also familiarized with modern methods of dissemination and commercialization of research results. Participants of the program learn methods of project management, leading a research team as well as the concepts of international scientific cooperation in scientific research terms. Their knowledge is expanded in practice during workshops with international leading research teams.

Individual tutoring/supervising assistance by associate professors or professors (a supervisor) is provided for participants. This includes the activities of a doctoral seminar in basic science or clinical research, enabling research development in the field of medical sciences or health sciences and in order to prepare, write and defend their doctoral dissertation.

Therefore, the graduate in the area of medical sciences or health sciences will be prepared to work independently and efficiently in research and education. The graduate should be able to apply modern research methods, including statistics and bibliography of scientific information as well as issues concerned with work organization in a team and strategy development of the organization. The graduate should be able to implement key issues of successful interpersonal communication, establish hierarchical relationships between a master and a student and practice innovative teaching methods such as problem-based learning.

Defense of the doctoral dissertation allows a degree of a doctor (PhD), which is a particular subject to the applicable statutory requirements. The studies allow a degree of a doctor in health sciences or medical sciences in the field of medicine, dentistry, medical biology, respectively.

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Last updated: 26 April 2015

This PhD program will be ended on 30.09.2021.  

The new English PhD program in medical sciences has been opened at the Jagiellonian University Medical College by the Doctoral School of Medical and Health Sciences